Biondi Health and Sports Therapy  Will Help You Lead a Pain-Free Life!

Pain and injury should never keep you from being all that you can be, whether you’re a competitive triathlete, high school football star, a weekend warrior enjoying hiking, golf and cycling, or a 75 year old grandmother.

Janet Biondi, certified massage therapist and skilled practitioner of Active Release Techniques™ (ART) and the Mattes Method of Active Isolated Stretching (AIS),  can help you overcome chronic pain, recover more quickly from injuries and have a greater sense of well-being.

Biondi Health and Sports Therapy will help:

...student athletes to experience all the benefits of an active life without the cumulative consequences of rough and tumble contact sports.

…active seniors to continue to enjoy their favorite activities without the threat of chronic pain.

… chronic pain sufferers to achieve permanent pain relief.

Biondi Health and Sports Therapy of Mount Shasta, Northern California will help YOU live a more fulfilling pain-free life.

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